About Us

ViracleanUSA/The Virunator was founded in early 2020 as the emergence of Covid-19 began. CEO/Owner- Steve Shuey, with over 16 yrs in the LED lighting field has used his experience to create a reasonably priced product and service to help the everyday school or business. With years of being involved with all types of lighting including Germicidal lamps in hospital settings, he created an affordable alternative that can be used by thousands of industries to help and slow down this deadly Virus.


“Virunator” Any technology that is available to assist should not be limited by price.

UVC- A Proven And Effective Technology Used By Major Medical Facilities For Years. Eliminating the use of harmful chemicals such as bleach, ozone and ammonia, the Virunator provides an effective, proven, non-toxic cleaning solution that protects people from harmful bacteria and ultimately prevents illnesses and diseases.